Daniel Edward Becerril II Barred from Securities Industry After Orchestrating Fraudulent Scheme

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The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) barred Representative Daniel Edward Becerril II of Huntington Beach, California and formerly of Veritrust Financial, LLC, for forgery, money laundering and grand theft.

FINRA Case #2009018944001

Becerril's banishment was a result of a hearing in which FINRA determined he had intentionally misrepresented and omitted information from investor clients, misused customer funds with fraudulent intent and failed to produce documents relating to his operation as a financial adviser.

Specifically, Becerril was found to have deposited $11,500 of a customer's investment into his own personal bank account under the guise of his personal company, the AP Financial Group, providing false explanations to this customer as to why invested funds were unavailable, engaging in further misconduct so as to avoid returning the principal investment.

In a sad, sad twist, in March 2012, Daniel E. Becerril II was arrested and charged with 31 felony counts including forgery, money laundering and grand theft earlier this week. Becerril was also charged with murder, as the Santa Monica Police Department alleged he had stabbed to death 35-year-old Alexander Merman in 2008.

Law enforcement officials believed Merman was the target of a murder-for-profit scheme Becerril took part in while defrauding Merman and another victim out of approximately $1.4 million. Becerril's wife Sandra, sister Rebekah and Abram Guajardo were also charged with grand theft, money laundering and forgery.

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