Sammy Legaspi Sanctioned for Using, Photocopying Pre-Signed Signed Blank Forms

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FINRA fined and suspended former Accelerated Capital Group (Irvine, CA) broker Sam Dexter Legaspi for maintaining a repository of blank forms in his office, which contained pre-filled customer signatures with the remainder or of the forms left empty. The FINRA findings state that Legaspi also photocopied some of these blank-signed forms in order to re-use the customers' signatures.

AWC #2015046406801

According to the findings, while associated with Accelerated Capital Group, Legaspi arranged for his customers to sign blank forms and on some occasions made photocopies of these blank-signed forms so he could re-use the customers' signatures. Investigators found that some of these pre-signed forms were used to effect transactions.

FINRA also cited Legaspi for causing his firm to have inaccurate books and records through falsification by affixing non-genuine signatures to firm documents.

A previous customer dispute in Legaspi's BrokerCheck file, settled for $145,000, alleged improper borrowing of $50,000 from a customer, and conversion of $45,000 of the customer's funds. Legaspi's firm at the time, San Diego's Capstone Investments, terminated the broker's registration based on the alleged conversion of assets.

If you have invested with former Accelerated Capital Group (Irvine, CA) broker Sammy Dexter Legaspi or with any representative or financial adviser who has directed you to pre-sign a blank form, and this has led to unauthorized or fiscally harmful transactions in your account, please call The Law Offices of Jonathan W. Evans & Associates at (800) 699-1881 for an investigation and consultation.